Te Puna Hall

Terms and Conditions

Te Puna Memorial Hall 

Hire Terms and Conditions

The TPMH Committee entrusts the care and safety of the facility to the person/s hiring or using the Hall and surrounding area.  It is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your group are made aware of the conditions of the hall hire.  The Committee does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to property brought on to or stored on the premises

The Committee has the right to refuse to hire the facilities, alter the terms or cancel the booking without reason, but after giving fair notice

The hirer agrees to the following terms and conditions:


  1. For casual hire payment is made upfront using the SpacetoCo.com website.  
  2. You may cancel online to receive a full refund up to 14 days before your event. After that date has passed, no refund will be given, unless at the discretion of the hall committee.
  3. Cancellation must be made online through SpacetoCo.com


  1. the amount if any, will be at the discretion of the TPMH Committee and agreed at the time of booking
  2. it is due 4 days prior to the event and will be held on the card you made to pay for the booking.
  3. part or all of the bond may be retained by the Booking Officer for the following:
  • damage to property or equipment
  • security conditions or venue access timing or other conditions are not adherred to 
  • hall not left clean and rubbish removed
  • any damage from decorations or damage from the use of hirer’s unauthorised equipment
  • no bond will be refunded if any smoking in the building
  • any damage to the external area of the property or car burnouts on the sealed area
  1. if there is more damage than the bond being held, or other expenses are caused, the Committee will require the extra costs to be paid by the hirer
  2. the bond (or part of) will be refunded within 4 working days to the nominated bank account
  3. if there is not a full refund you will be provided with a reason and may appeal to the Committee within 10 working days of receiving the email explanation
  4. If a bond is not required from a local community user the hirer will be required to pay for any of the above breaches of the bond requirements 

Hirer’s Responsibilities

  1. any wish to display material or put up decorations must be checked with the Booking Officer at the time of paying your booking fee
  2. all electrical appliances and lights must be turned off at the end of the evening
  3. instructions will be carefully followed for the use of the dishwasher
  4. all windows and doors must be fully secured before leaving the premises. The Booking Officer will provide you with instructions
  5. if there is a need for a security call out an $80 penalty fee will be charged
  6. if additional cleaning or rubbish removal in or around the hall is needed this will be charged on to you at $60/hour
  7. if you wish to sell alcohol you must apply for a Special Alcohol Licence from WBoP District Council well ahead of your event
  8. if any alcohol is privately provided or as byo, without charge, you are responsible for the conduct of your guests 
  9. to inform guests and other users that the Committee asks that stiletto heels that will damage the floor, are not worn in the facility

Health and Safety and Emergency Management

  1. as the Committee has a general responsibility for the safe environment of the facility you are responsible for notifying the Booking Officer of any possible hazards
  2. the hirer is responsible for adequate controls and safety measures during the hire period in order to ensure the safety of all persons in the vicinity and to avoid disorderly conduct or nuisance
  3. the first aid kit and accident register is in the kitchen on top of the microwave, and any incident must be noted
  4. the hirer is responsible for informing all attendees of evacuation processes and will ensure that all exits are visible and clear and will also have a designated person to be responsible for evacuation if necessary.
  5. the evacuation process should include shutting doors and windows if time permits, then leaving by nearest exit to the assemby point in the carpark and ensuring that all attendees are accounted for


  1. fireworks including sparklers
  2. use of chewing gum 
  3. smoking or vaping– (only permitted in the carpark)
  4. sellotape or other tapes on walls, staples, tacks, nails – velcro can be used only on green fabric on walls and sliding doors
  5. open fires, smoke machines, naked flames (incl.unprotected candles or lamps) barbecues or spits, without Committee consent